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Buyeur's page

- 28/03/2013 -

So you can tell us more about your company...
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Ranked #1 on major search engines

- 19/03/2013 -

StartUp Equity is now Ranked #1 on major search engines...
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Integration of social networks

- 18/03/2013 -

So you can fully interact and enjoy our website...
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A Partnership with World famous humanitarian association ?

- 08/03/2013 -

The world known and trusted charity World famous humanitarian association...
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New version of the website and official launch

- 18/02/2013 -

Thanks to all the feedback from friends, testers and first customers we totally renewed the design and functionnalities of the website. We are still working on news features so you can enjoy even more when you come visit
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Charity Etoile Filante ...

- 03/02/2013 -

Gave its blessing to our idea and offially with to team up with us on this project
We modified our grid so you know who your money will go to when we make the donation. Please go check out their website to see the great job they are doing with kinds that really need and deserve it
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First ad buyers

- 13/01/2013 -

Although we are still on a soft launch and tweaking things up, the first buyers contacted us to inquire about the project.After explaining the concept they got thriled and decided to place an ad. We will keep you posted on their feedbacks!
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Soft launch

- 08/01/2013 -

End of the internal beta testing, and soft launch is today. Everything seems fully operational. Come try and contact us if you want to know more and place an ad!
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