Idea behind the charity ad system

The concept for our charity ad system is really easy: Instead of spending countless money for limited time commercial we offer you a spot to post and publish your ad for unlimited time.
With this ad, we aim at increasing tremendously your trafic and visibility, hence your market growth.But wait there is more

Your ad is contributing to a major donation to a charity taking care of needing children around the world either Etoile Filante or another world famous humanitarian association and prolly both.
We will give away 50% of our net benefices from this operation and both charities are pretty excited about it!

It all comes down to this: the more people talk about this website and place an ad, the more clics you will get from people browsing the site and checking other announceurs. Plus with a hardlink on our site your google ranking will increase and so will you traffic and visibility.
On our side, we do everything we can and need to increase this website traffic, through social networks Facebook, Twitter. We also do our maximum to advertise ourselves on major search engines, various web directories, link exchanges.
Guess what, we already are ranked #1 in various countries on Yahoo, Bing and Google for various searches, check our news page!